New characters

Voice: Sakura Tange
Age: 15
A 15 year old girl from City Connection. This former Jaleco Game heroine travels the world in her beloved ClariceCar to find the man of her dreams. Her ClariceCar has a wide firing range and mid-level power, making it great for beginners. Hoping to beat off Momoko, her own bomber, the "Ultra Explosive ClariceBomber", features a pin-up image of herself.


Yuki Ito
Voice: Kumiko Nishihara
Age: 19
Part-time employee at the You&Me Kamiyoga arcade. She loves to talk but also gets overwhelmed and excited easily. She's a huge game nerd and whips out her collection of used arcade boards to fight off the evil genius Yamada and his terrible plot.
Genius Yamada
Voice: Shigeru Chiba
Age: Unknown
Sets off to take over the game world with his brainwashed Genius Army and mechs in order to create his dream "Game Tengoku." A self-proclaimed evil super genius scientist, but evil super pervert scientist might be a more apt title.

Playable characters

Voice: Tomokazu Seki
The pilot of Fighter EX from Exerion. A feisty, hot blooded guy with an easy to read flight pattern. The way he clearly puts more thought into forward fire-power than anything else on his ship tells you all you need to know about him. His craft, the Fighter EX, has a speedy firing rate and impressive power, but lacks spread.
Voice: Mika Kanai
Age: 19
The pilot of Poopera from PLUS ALPHA. She looks the most upstanding of any of the pilots in the game. But the way she has not the slightest shred of doubt about anything she says or does leaves the rest of the team worried that she's really the one running everything behind the scenes. Her Poopera can be upgraded to both a 3-way and a 5-way spread, which makes it super easy to use.
Voice: Ryotaro Okiayu
Age: 128
Read as "Zed Dyne Mark Two". The successor to the transforming mech Expel from Formation Z. It is controlled entirely by a high-level AI and holds no pilot. As one might expect from an AI he can at times be far too serious, but being studious (today we might say he features "deep learning") he is able to learn from his surroundings and adapt day by day. He normally uses fast firing, lock-on lasers with homing ability which, while good, are not terribly strong.
Voice: Akio Otsuka
Age: Around 10
A pig in polka dot underwear and the main character of Butasan. Well aware of the risk of ending up in a butchers shop, he has lived his life in ever-present danger, and as such has decided to take things into his own hands, heading out to battle with bombs in hand (trotter?!). Despite his adorable looks, this brave little pig has been through countless battles, and has even worked as the bomb expert in a spec ops squad. His attacks pack a punch, but he probably has the slowest firing rate around.
Voice: Hekiru Shiina
Age: 11
A psychic fifth grader and the heroine of Momoko 120%. Now this is important, so let's go over this again: she's a fifth grader. Her sense of purpose and responsibility are basically what you might expect from such a kid. But! The so-called Momoko Bomber is in a lot of ways the strongest of its kind.
Voice: Miki Takahashi
Age: 18
The pilot of the very un-cool moving pillbox, "Genesis-3", from Field Combat. She's got an awful personality at odds with her looks and voice. Her craft is pretty weak, but she has faith that her reinforcements will back her up.
Voice: Satomi Korogi
Age: 12
Miki's lively, ill-fortuned, younger sister. She's always harassed... err... "adored" by her sister. She joins in during the Karaoke Stage and fights from the Genesis-3 with Miki.

Evil Genius Hench(wo)men

Voice: Masami Suzuki
Age: 17
A high school student brainwashed by Genius Yamada and forced to work for him. Also known as Helper 1. Though technically his "helper", the closest thing she knows to games are sticker printers, so she really doesn't understand his ideals or what he's trying to accomplish.
Voice: Kumiko Ise
Age: 16
Another high school student brainwashed by Genius Yamada. Also known as Helper 2. Compared to the smooth talking Kato, she seems to be much more mild mannered. Oh, and she just HATES scary stories.