Clarice BGM teaser released!

We just updated the English DLC page for Clarice to include a teaser for her exclusive Arcade Mode+ music track!
The track will play during Time Attack stages and is a remix of the original City Connection theme by composer Kenichi Arakawa, the original Game Tengoku composer


English release update

Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates; we really wanted to have something to show you all rather than just our heartfelt apologies
so you'll find some early test-shots of the subtitles in action during the Arrange Mode below.

As for the release: we've had to move it to Spring. Please accept our apologies for this.
The development team is only small and they're hard at work updating the game, more DLC and on top of that, the need to go back into the original code and add subtitles timed to the on-screen action has been a lengthy process.


Clarice Bomber illustration contest results!

That's right, the results of the illustration contest we ran in December are in!
The first prize, if you recall, was that the winner's illustration would be immortalised in the game as a bomb for the DLC character Clarice (released today!).

So, without further ado, here's our grand prize winner:

1st Hirohiroki!

A great rendition of Clarice and her beloved Claricecar being pursued by the police. Congratulations!

2nd Kanouchi

The mysterious, blonde (fake?!) Clarice, from "Gunbare! Game Tengoku", the sequel to Game Tengoku. Will her relationship with the 'true' Clarice ever be explained?! Excellent work!

3rd Jonathan

Clarice as she would have appeared in Cannonball Run, perhaps? And her ever present Claricecar in tow. A great illustration with a well thought out catch-phrase too.

We'd like to thank everyone for their fantastic depictions of Clarice: the development team had a hard time choosing in the end!


Japanese release! English to follow!

The Steam version released today and the English localisation will be coming early next year alongside the PlayStation®4 version and physical release.


Clarice Bomb Illustration Contest!

To celebrate the release of Game Tengoku CruisinMix, we're holding an illustration contest! The Grand Prize winner will see their illustration put into the game itself!!!

Contest Home Page

Grand Prize
  • YOUR artwork IN THE GAME! Your illustration becomes the pin-up image when Clarice drops her bomb!
2nd Prize
  • A Limited Edition copy of Game Tengoku CrusinMix on PlayStation®4 (JP version)
3rd Prize
  • A standard copy of Game Tengoku CrusinMix on PlayStation®4 (JP version)

Last date to submit: December 29th, 9:59am ET
Once the contest deadline has passed, the Game Tengoku development team will select the winning illustrations.

Contest Rules and Submission Guidelines Below!


  • Your full name or handle name (this will be displayed publicly)
  • Only one submission allowed per person
  • Submission must be your own personal/original work
  • All entries must be submitted by December 29th, 2017 at 9:59am ET
  • Once the contest ends, the developers and artists of Game Tengoku will personally select the winners!


  • Submission must be of Clarice, a character in Game Tengoku CruisinMix
  • Check out some Clarice illustrations here
  • Submissions may be pixel art or illustrations, and must be digital
  • If pixel art is submitted, it will be used as is in-game
  • If an illustration is submitted, it will be converted to pixel art in-game
  • Size: If submitting pixel art = 198 pixels wide x 238 pixels high
  • Size: If submitting an illustration = As long as the ratio is 5:6, any size can be submitted
  • Submission must be JPEG or PNG and no more than 10MB
  • No limit on the use of color
  • Hair style and clothes are free to be changed
  • Full-body illustrations are permitted
  • Submission may also include a background
  • If submission includes a background, please separate into "character" and "background" layers (pixel art and illustration)

DLC Updates!

Clarice DLC!

The 15 year old star of the Jaleco classic, City Connection (or Crusin), travels the world in her beloved ClariceCar to find the man of her dreams. Her ClariceCar has a wide firing range and mid-level power, making it great for beginners. Hoping to beat off Momoko, her own bomber, the “Ultra Explosive ClariceBomber”, features a pin-up image of herself.

Homura Banto DLC!

Remember Bases Loaded? If so, have we got the DLC for you. Introducing Homura Banto, the first ever mascot that resulted from a bug in a classic NES baseball game. Can you decipher the name and guess the bug? Nah, I bet you have to look it up, n00b. Homura's character design is courtesy of none other than Kenichi Sonoda! (Suchie Pai, Riding Bean, Gunsmith Cats).

Extra Voices DLC!

A pack of extra voice clips, recovered and remastered from the original voice recording, but previously unused, will will be available for download!

Prices and release dates for all DLC have yet to be determined, but Clarice and Homura will both be playable in Arcade Mode +!


Game Tengoku Release Set for Early 2018

The Japanese version of Game Tengoku CruisinMix hits Steam later this month and the English version is coming right behind it, scheduled for an early 2018 release! The ORIGINAL Game Tengoku team is working HARD on implementing the localization, aiming for the highest quality and ensuring the original is done justice.


Game Tengoku live from Tokyo Game Show!

Game Tengoku CruisinMix will make its long-awaited debut at this year's TGS! Come by the City Connection booth (B-04, Hall 9, Indies Area) to check out the first playable version!

And don't miss our LIVE TGS broadcast featuring Game Tengoku, live from Tokyo Otaku Mode's stage! Tune in on Saturday, Sep 23rd, at 15:00 JST (11pm PT) here:
Guests will include the game's original designer Masahiro Arai, the director of the Sega Saturn version, Naoki Kazaana, and the popular voice actress Mika Kanai!

Degica staff will be on hand for English interviews.


Official Site Update!

We opened the Special page and added Clarice to the Characters page.
You can check the Japanese video on the Special page if you switch the language over!


Game Tengoku Official Site Launched!

Marks the launch of the Game Tengoku Official Site, featuring things such as key visuals, an overview, and an introduction of characters from the game.